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Extech 45156 Replacement Impeller For Model 45158 (2PACK)

Extech 45156 Replacement Impeller For Model 45158 (2PACK)Extech 45156 Replaceable plastic vane for M..

Kestrel 0801 Meter Impeller

Kestrel Meter ImpellerKestrel Meter Replacement Impeller Replacement impeller for all Kestrel M..

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind MeterHere's the one that started it all! We developed the Kestrel 1000 Pock..

Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind MeterFor those of you who like to know just how cold and windy it really is..

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind MeterNK was the first to provide accurate relative humidity measurements fr..

Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter

Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather MeterMany Kestrel users need to know everything that the weather is doin..

Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter

Kestrel 5000 Environmental MeterKestrel 5000 Environmental Meter Overview - Used in firefightin..
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