Microtest 8700 4-Wire Precision Cable/Harness Tester

Microtest 8700 4-Wire Precision Cable/Harness Tester




Microtest 7720 Safety Tester Impulse/Surge Tester


Microtest 8751N/8751NA/8751FA 4-Wire Precision Cable/Harness Tester

Microtest 8700 4-Wire Precision Cable/Harness Tester

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Microtest 8700 4-Wire Precision Cable/Harness Tester

MICROTEST 8700 precise 4-wire cable tester offers 4-wire measurements, makes the impedance measurement more accurate and reduces the error value of the adapter plate. The highest DC voltage measurements could be up to 1500V. The highest AC voltage measurement could be up to 1000V. The maximum measured test points is 256 points.


  • Precise 4-wire measurement
  • Auto-scan and auto pin search
  • To adopt the advanced technology of the “Intermittence Open/ Short and conductance test”
  • It completes “Linear” and “Ssafety” tests simultaneously
  • The fully programmable continuous test
  • Support statistic and print functions
  • Support USB interface for data storag/PC connection software
  • DC maximum voltage measurement up to 1500V / AC maximum voltage measurement up to 1000V


Measurement Data

Ponit of Test 

64/128/256 Points

High Voltage Calibration for Positive / Negative Output

Automatic Search for Terminal Point

Basic Accuracy±5%
Measurement Time0.01 Sec 
Scan Mode TestingAuto / Short Scan (selectable)
Measurement SignalRated Output 5Vdc
HipotAC  Hipot: 50 ~ 1000Vac    Resolution: 10Vdc / 10Vac 
DC  Hipot: 50 ~ 1500Vdc    Accuracy: ±1%
DUT RequirementN/A
PanelSystem / Rapid / Edit / Function 
IndicatorPass、Fail、HV LED Red/Green Light and Built-in speaker
Measured Value Detection ModeDefine upper and lower thresholds according to main and sub parameters


Power Supply90 ~ 132Vac or 198 ~ 264Vac (selectable)
Display320*240 dot-matrix display
InterfaceRS-232, Print Port, Remote Control, USB (option)
Flash memory

Storage of 56 rewritable data sets

OperationAuto、Manual、continuous test、RS-232
EnvironmentTemperature : 10°C ~ 40°C    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D)450x178x4600 mm
Weight13 Kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

Item Range
Open/Short 1KΩ ~ 50KΩ
Intermittence Open/ Short1KΩ ~ 50KΩ
Open/Short determinal JudgeWith this feature
Conductance0.1mΩ ~ 50.0Ω
Intermittence conductance0.1mΩ ~ 50.0Ω
Capacitance 10pF ~ 1000µF
Diode0 ~ 7V
IR0.1MΩ ~ 1500MΩ
AC Hipot Leakage Current0.01mA ~5mA

Advanced Functions 


Precision 4 wire testing

Programmable continuous test
Pin search
Self-calibration and zero- setting


All kinds of wires, connectors


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