MASTECH MS2203 3 Phase Digital Power Clamp Meter

MASTECH MS2203 3 Phase Digital Power Clamp Meter




Mastech MS2008A Current Meter and Clamp

MASTECH MS2203 3 Phase Digital Power Clamp Meter

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MASTECH MS2203 3 Phase Digital Power Clamp Meter

Measures 3-phase 3-wire circuit, 4-wire circuit, single-phase circuit True RMS value measurement on all scales 8,000 counts computerized chip gives a high resolution and accuracy Minimum current of Active Energy measure is 0.5A, it can measure expending energy per hour of general equipment. 5 parameters are available Active Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Reactive Power, Active Energy Double display two parameters on each menu and stores 28 groups of parameters Measure five power parameters of each phase and total power value in three-phase measurement mode respectively Multimfunctional button control, bar graph display the quick change of the measure for vision reading Windows software enable an easy download of the data from measurement In the Active Energy mode, you use power supply to power the meter for a long time measurement purpose It comes in a plastic carrying case and all accessories Minimum and Maximum memorize Back light on the LCD display Accuracy : % of reading + number of digits Max common mode voltage: 600V AC RMS Display: LCD 9999 Range: Auto Over range indicator: OL Reading hold: H on the display Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA Power Consumption: 250mW Dimension: 300 X 103 X 51 mm Weight: Approx 500g (includes battery) It comes with a ABS carrying case

 - MS2203 True RMS 3 Phase 1000A 600KW Auto Ranging Power Clamp Meter with Computer RS232 interface

 - Great Portable Meter at a Great Price

 - With PC RS232 interface and windows graphics software

 - Similar to the Morris Meter, just a third of the price !

 - Includes: Clamp Meter Test leads, Software, battery, heavy-duty carrying case included


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